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For Us, By Us

You know that upperclassmen who somehow has a 3.9 and top internship, but finds time to bless you with advice?
Or that older cousin who shows up at the holidays and does the most, but who you can't hate on because they also plug you with opportunities?

Well, Bloc is your newest, always accessible, mentor -
leveraging insights from thousands of successful black millennials to help you play the game.

So, think of Bloc an an extremely committed (if occassionaly corny) coach that is always in your corner... and that is powered by tech that blends the functionality of LinkedIn with the heart & soul of Black Twitter to guide you on your professional way.

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November 3rd & 4th
Join us in Atlanta for our upcoming conference uniting black millennials committed to personal, professional & political achievement.
We're celebrating, strategizing and getting to work...

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