A strategic playbook for jobseekers looking for tech roles.

Sector is a career acceleration platform that prepares job seekers to compete for future-ready positions. We bridge the gap between aspiring professionals and their desired roles.

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We changed our name to Sector!

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Data Quality Analyst @ Facebook

You have the skills, we'll provide you with the playbook.

Whether you are a bootcamp grad, self taught, recent grad or out of work because of COVID-19, we are providing you with the following for each job you're applying to.

  • Application Materials

    • Personalized Resume Template that highlights keywords from your job description
    • Auto-generated cover letters
    • Cold email and LinkedIn templates to land a referral
  • Recommendations on

    • Behavioral Interview Resources
    • Technical Interview Resources
    • Networking Opportunities
  • Reminders on

    • Optimal times to apply
    • Effective follow ups
    • The importance of digital networking

Aggregating top job postings & resources from across the web

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