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How to get hired at Facebook

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    Tailor your resume

    Adding relevant keywords from this job description to your resume increases your chances of getting an interview for this role by 59%

  • 2

    Make Connections

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    Email Hiring Contacts

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  • 4

    Get a Head Start Studying for Interviews

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Your Go To Resources

Personalized resources that can help help you with any role.

  • People of Color in Tech is a leading job board where you can find junior roles in traditional and civic tech. They also have a great blog that highlights how to navigate your job search and career as a job seeker of color.

    People of Color in Tech
  • Jopwell is the leading job board for job seekers of color looking to work in tech or finance. Being an employer partner of Jopwell isn't inexpensive, and you can bet that any application you submit on Jopwell will be considered.